Puncak Dharmahusada Tower B

Project Details

Puncak Dharmahusada ( Tower B – w Bedrooms Unit ).
Owner :  
Mr. & Mrs. Rafa 
Location :  
Apartemen Puncak Dharmahusada – Tower B (East District of Surabaya)
Owner Background :  
Both Mr. & Mrs.  Rafa are Architects. Live in West Surabaya, they are planning to use the unit for apartment rental unit purpose. The complex itself is composed of 6 Tower Unit and each is contain of around 1500 of apartment units. The growing market and development of Apartment building in Surabaya are creating a very competitive environment of businesses.
in accommodating their dreams and purpose, we used an open space design with modern minimalist style to create a chick and warm apartment unit yet at the same time will last long. A unit with a low maintenance cost yet be able to win the competition with plenty of other unit offered in the same complex in term of build quality (durability), facilities (kitchenette, entertainment etc) and of course the design itself.
Using a neutral color palettes and material such as light brown wooden veneer combines with White Duco surface finishes and mirror in certain areas to creates a ” more space” feelings.
For kitchen cabinetry, Full PU System Duco Finish is very suitable. it provides with certain degree of scratch resistance, durability and water resistance surface. For the Top Table, an Italian white natural stone marble become Owner choice. 
Lighting were also become our concern and consideration in the design,
Simple yet adequates.